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We are a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Warehouse Transfer Systems and Warehousing Automation Products like Conveyors, Gates Conveyors, Overhead Transfer Systems, RGV - Rail Guided Vehicles, IoT, Inventory Management Systems, and our setup is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India.


Conveyors Manufacturers In India

  • Conveying line to transfer 100 Pallets per hour to the loading systems.
  • The line includes lifters, turntables, direction changers and cross-transfer for conveying the pallet. We are the Best Conveyors Manufacturers In India.
  • At the end of the line, 22 pallets are buffered before feeding them to the auto-loading systems.

Pallet Transfer Line

  • Pallet transfer system to transfer the pallet from 6 production lines on 1st floor to ground floor.
  • At the end of the production cycle, all the pallets are tagged with a barcode and scanned.
  • After the pallets are placed on the conveyor line, the pallets are recirculated until cleared for dispatch.
  • The APP-based interface is provided for the clients, production manager, and other levels to control the transfer lines, view the present status of the Order, etc.

Gate Conveyors

  • 200m long conveying line connecting 6 production lines to ASRS.
  • Total 250 Pallets can be transferred per hour. We are the best Gate Conveyors manufacturer,Supplier & Exporter in india
  • The line includes 70 conveyors for buffering the in case of failure, 11 Cross-transfers, 1 Direction changer and integration of 3 turntables.
  • Apart from that there are 5 Swing conveyors to provide access to the production area opening a area in the conveying path.

There are applications where the flow of products clashes with the movement of MHE used for transport of input material.

Gate Conveyor / Swing Conveyors which are the perfect solutions to such logistics issues. The gate conveyor can help in providing the much-required access for the movement of material handling equipment like Forklifts, trucks, and trailers from one zone to another across conveyor lines while providing a connection for automated conveying of goods under normal circumstances along the gate or opening.

These devices can be controlled automatically or manually based on the level of automation desired by the user. Manual operation of this equipment is feasible by the use of Radio (wireless) remote, fixed operator interface like HMI, Pushbuttons, etc with safety equipments like boom barriers and Light curtains. Before opening, the material lying on the conveyor is emptied and the material coming in from the input side starts buffering.

We at Impression systems provide fully automated lines which can connect the various production lines with the warehouse. Since such lines are long and require movement across the line, we provide Gate conveyors with Roller, Belt and Chain type with varying length based on the product configuration.

adani overhead transfer systems

Overhead Transfer Systems

  • System used for transfer of pallets and goods from Production shop to warehouse without obstructing the internal access road.
  • Overhead conveyor is at a height of 10 m from the road level.
  • 2 lifts are placed at the each end of the Overhead slat conveyor one at each shop to transfer the pallet from the Overhead conveyor to the floor conveyor.
rail guided vehicle

Rail Guided Vehicle

  • Rail Guided Vehicle.
  • 10 Ton capacity
  • Battery operated systems
  • Radio remote to control the operation of the vehicle

Rail Guided Vehicle

Rail Guided Vehicles or RGVs systems are fast flexible rail systems which make it possible to transport large quantities of heavy good over long distances at low cost with high efficiency systems are vital for Storage, Handling, and Order fulfilment in a wide range of industries. Due to their widespread application, they are also seen as mission critical to daily operations for many large industrial plants. This means that the reliability of the drive and control systems for these RGV systems is key to their overall operation efficiency and productivity. It produces the high reliability cycloidal drives which are used in these rails guided systems.

Advantages of RGVs System

RGVs System are easy to install, highly scalable and easy to maintain. In each system the vehicles can easily be removed and replaced for maintenance or upgrade without affecting the overall operation of the system. Some of those advantages are listed below:

  • Scalability.
  • Availability.
  • High Transport Speed.
  • Efficient Automated Material Flow.
  • Simple Layout for Controlled Distribution.
  • Frequent Vehicle Position Updates.
  • Suitability in compact spaces.
  • Independent Vehicle Operation Possible.
  • High Capacity.

We at Impression system have provided Rail Guided vehicles which are either battery operated or connected to a power supply point with a cable carries carrying components ranging from 1Ton to 100Ton capacity with multiple functionalities like conveyors, lifters turntables etc mounted on top


Inventory Management Systems

Every storage system, be it manual racking system or any kind of automated storage system like ASRS, Mobile racks etc, there is always a need for traceability of the goods stored within the storage rack, to optimize cost for managing the inventory.

The movement of the storage, racks can be controlled in several ways some of which are mentioned below
  • Tracks the real time position of the goods .
  • Tracks the real time position of the goods .
  • Nature of the goods.
  • Occupied and available storage positions.
  • Shifting of goods with the storage racks to reduce the retrieval time.
  • Availability of the goods in storage for outbound transfers.
  • Data logging and Report generation.

Inventory Management System with the help of sophisticated control system identifies each FG and RM material moving inside the storage area, based on the production and dispatch targets estimates and schedules requirement of the RM goods that would be required to meet the production target and the vehicles required for dispatch of FG based on the dispatch target respectively.

Automation of this activity also helps in increasing the reliability by reducing dependency on human intervention and subsequent lapse in judgement or errors.