Storage Automation Systems

Impression System is considered a reputed name in the league to Manufacture and export Storage Automation Systems. We are a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Warehouse Transfer Systems and Warehousing Automation Products like Conveyors, Gates Conveyors, Overhead Transfer Systems, RGV - Rail Guided Vehicles, IoT, Inventory Management Systems, and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.


Vertical Storage Systems

At Impression, we recognize the needs of our customer to store maximum possible material in minimum possible.

Our Vertical Storage System combines the following features :
  • Improve space utilization
  • Free up a productive workspace
  • Reduce manual intervention by automating material handling to and from the System
  • Provides a built-in Store management system thereby eliminating the tedious retrieval process associated with traditional storage systems.

Our systems can use latest industry 4.0 based smart systems to integrate with MRP / ERP / WMS system and create an environment where the management can have a total monitoring and control capability on the existing material on the premises

Features of our Vertical Storage Systems :
  • Can be customized so that system is capable to accommodate different sizes of goods.
  • High payload capacity storage systems
  • Bi-directional push and pull mechanism mounted on a vertical lift for fast storage and retrieval of pallets
  • Chain type lifting mechanism for safe and stable lift. Lifting mechanism provided with safety chain locking mechanism in case of chain failure
  • Sophisticated control system for pallet calling and storage
  • Load cell with display for operator ease and avoid overloading of the system while manual loading of the pallet.
  • Smooth and noiseless process
System Specifications :
  • System footprint : 8250mm x 4400mm x 6000mm
  • Storage capacity : 15 pallets to 20 pallets
  • Storage capacity per each pallet : 1.5 Tons / 2 Tons / 3 Tons / 5 Tons.( as per model)
  • Total storage capacity : 30 tons 75 tons ( as per model)
  • Connectivity : WMS / SAP
  • Power : 415V A/c
  • Environment : Indoor

Vertical Storage Systems

Most of the companies face the problem of shop floor space utilization. Lots of inventory lies on the shop floor occupying production space, are you looking for a solution to address this problem? Vertical Storage Systems are systems that are very helpful to optimize the space requirements while storage of material. These systems reorganize the space required for storage from horizontal to vertical which is an effective method to improve space utilization.

We at Impression systems recognize the need for such systems in the industry to improve the utilization of available space, reduce the response time to store and retrieve the materials in storage & reduce manual interventions to as minimum as possible.

Some features of our Vertical storage systems are that it :
  • High payload capacity storage systems that can be customized depending on the customer requirement
  • Includes a Bi-directional push and pull mechanism mounted on a vertical lift for automatic and fast storage and retrieval of pallets.
  • Has a Motorized chain type lifting mechanism for a safe and stable lift along with a safety chain locking mechanism in case of chain failure.
  • Has a sophisticated control system for automatic pallet retrieval and storage.
  • Has an inbuilt Load cell with display for operator ease and to avoid overloading of the system while manual loading of pallet
Control Systems :
  • PLC and HMI based control systems to operate the systems
  • HMI can be used to override the automatic operation of the systems and used in manual mode
  • Advanced features like stock data monitoring, System health check, Error log, Scheduled maintenance intimation, communication with other smart systems can also be incorporated with the system.
Customization :

Customization in the system is possible on request. Some of the below-mentioned areas can be changed based on customer requirements :

  • Pallet dimensions
  • Nos. of Pallets to be stored
  • The Pallet base can be customized based on the nature of the component to be stored
  • A Number of Storage Systems. For more information, please contact our sales representative.
Specification for Standard Products :

*Can be customized based on application and/or on request.

*Standard Package includes the only automatic operation of a system with manual override, for information on advanced systems, please contact our sales representative.

*System suitable for outdoor conditions can be customized on request.


Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

An Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) - also called AS-RS or ASRS - is a type or genre of warehouse automation technology specifically designed to buffer, store, and retrieve product and inventory on demand

AS/RS technology varies substantially, and can consist of shuttles, cranes, carousels, or other systems. It is often integrated with a warehouse execution software (WES), warehouse management software (WMS), or other controls to transfer the goods to and from the ASRS system

50% of the total time required to transfer a component from storage can be associated with the identification of correct goods, its location and access to its position. However, since the ASRS system is controlled by a PLC based system, the exact position of a particular item is available in real time. This saves a lot of time in each transfer increasing overall throughput of the system.

The system also keeps a real time inventory data on record. This data can be sorted and displayed in various formats as required for analysis.

Some of the Advantages of ASRS
  • More efficient use of floor space due to utilization of unused vertical space
  • Increased inventory storage density
  • Improved ergonomics and safety, resulting in fewer accidents
  • Increased throughput
  • Fewer labor constraints due to labor shortages
  • Often modular design for maximum flexibility
  • Increased order picking accuracy
  • Improved product security for premium inventory
TASL - Vertical Storage Systems
  • Capacity of 108 tool storage
  • Auto loading and unloading of parts of parts
  • Stacker crane of 1 ton Capacity with X and Z axis movement
  • Wireless Communication between main control panel and stacker crane panel
  • Wireless Communication between main control panel and stacker crane panel
mobile racks
mobile racks

Mobile Racking System

A Mobile racking system is a type of solution wherein the storage racks are placed on a moving platform guided on a rail flushed with the floor. Instead of a regular racking solution where the racks are stationary and aisle are provided for access to every rack, the mobile racks move along the guided track to create the aisle for the forklift movement in the position where the access to the racks are required. The moving of storage racks essentially shits the aisle between the racks from one position to another eliminating the need for having multiple aisle's to access the goods within the racking system.

The advantage of the system is that we can increase the net floor space utilization of the storage area by leaving one aisle clear and installing additional mobile racking system in the remaining aisles. The effective increases in the storage volume observed within the same area is in a range of 40-50% over the standard racking solution with aisles.

The system is equipped with safety equipment's like light curtains to detect the presence of MHE equipment like VNA, forklift, etc., and avoid improper closing of the aisle. The system also ensures that there are no obstructions in the path of the mobile racks while traveling and avoid accidental damage to the mobile racks and the goods stored within.

The movement of the storage, racks can be controlled in several ways some of which are mentioned below
  • Manually accessing the operator the interface provided on every mobile rack to open up the aisles.
  • An interface can be provided on the forklift or other MHE to control the opening of the aisles.
  • WMS system with an Andon display can be provided in the storage area to inform the operator of the location of the racks where the goods are to be taken out or loaded into.

The number of mobile racks can be easily added or reduced with minimum modification in the system as every mobile rack operates individually.

special storage system shuttle

Underframe and Roof Storage

  • 25m x 10m individual storage area each for Underframe and Roof
  • 2 each of underframe and roof can be stored within the storage area
  • Storage system works on FIFO basis
  • Infeed is manual, outfeed is automatic
  • Provision for transfer of Roof and underframe in the storage racks Provided